oil plantThere has been a discovery of oil in different parts of Uganda and this is good in the country since it leads to development but however a disadvantage to the tourism sector. This is because the discovery happened in the place of wildlife animals that attract tourists to come for Uganda safaris which as a result the animals are to be displaced hence reducing the number of safaris in Uganda.

The discovery has led to settlement in the areas where the animals live so as to easily exploit the oil and this has led to cut down of trees which are habitat to wild animals. This has led to the escapism of the wildlife animals to countries which are safe hence reducing the number of safaris to Uganda. Settlement also has led to swamp reclamation as the local people want to benefit from oil therefore removing the swamps so that they can stay there which has made the tourism sector in Uganda lag behind hence less Uganda safaris.

Oil Discovery has also led to destruction of the forests in the areas as the people are making infrastructural developments like constructing there roads, buildings and so many others to attract people settle in the areas and they get money from oil. However this has led to a shift of these animals hence leaving no room for tourists coming for Uganda safaris. This has therefore affected the development of tourism in Uganda. 

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