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kiganda cultural dancersCulture in Uganda is the most respected thing and many tourists on their safaris in Uganda get a chance to see different values of people hence experiencing a unique activity in Uganda. These show tourists different activities in the different cultural groups. These include the traditional dances, handmade crafts, local languages, daily activities, cultural wear and so many things about them that amaze tourists while on their Uganda safaris

The Buganda Kingdom found in Uganda and the Ministry of Tourism under the theme of “Tourism and Development in the Community” has organized the 7th publication of the expo for Buganda Kingdom which is going to attract many Uganda safaris and this will take place from June 25th to July 1st. This will educate the local people of how to boost tourism in their communities therefore increasing safaris to Uganda.

The expo is expected  to attract very many tourists to come for Uganda safaris therefore contributing much to the development of the tourism sector. This will bring in people of different cultures in the country so as to expose their cultural activities. This will be a lot of fun in Uganda therefore this will attract very many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda and marketing Uganda as a tourist destination.

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