uganda safari tourist attractionsRight from 1960s Uganda, the pearl of Africa was by no means an ordinary safari destination with flourishing economy, active democracy and magnificent national parks suitable for wildlife safaris though gorilla tracking had not taken root thus not sought for by travellers while undertaking safaris in Uganda.

The magnificent Nile crocodile along the Nile River, fishing around Lake Victoria, gazing and paying attention to the roaring Murchison falls or driving through the vast game including the elephant herds in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The experience on Uganda safari was quite amazing and even attracted the attention of film actors leading to African Queen Movie production making Uganda a Hollywood fancy.

However, this was hit on the head by the period of turmoil that hit Uganda from 1971 with the rise of President for Life, Last King of Scotland and the Conqueror of the British Empire – Idi Amin Daada whose regime still exist in the memories of not only Ugandans but also International citizens. The safaris to Uganda declined and the game was subjected to poaching some of which faced extinction such as the white Rhinos.

As the saying goes that “what goes around comes around” Uganda has apparently revived her glory as a prime safari destination prompting many travellers to resume safaris to Uganda. This can be evidenced by 1.2 million Uganda safari undertakes that were recorded in 2013 (last year).

The unbelievable range of landscapes from the plains of Karamoja to the snow-capped mountains of Rwenzori; the beaches of Entebbe peninsular; the rejuvenation of enormous wildlife in all the ten National parks and other game reserves, the roaring Murchison falls, the tracts of prehistoric forests like Bwindi and people of Uganda with their stunning culture have all combined to revive the glory of Uganda as a mighty safari destination. These form the foundation for activities like; gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safaris, adventure safaris, chimpanzee trekking safaris and a range of other Uganda safari offers.

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