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mv-kalangalaThe Ssese islands are among the magnificent Uganda safari holiday islands that are found within the fresh waters of Lake Victoria.  Accessing the Ssese islands has been all along by water and the relevance of MV Kalangala ferry cannot be skipped regarding its transfer role.

The fate of this ferry that used to transfer travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda to Ssese islands is surrounded by mystery after its grounding for close to one year at Mwanza port in Tanzania. What to worry about is that the ferry was supposed to be there for three months for repairs but unfortunately it is coming to a year without returning home.

People allege that the engineers were demanding a lot of money inform of debts from the Government of Uganda prompting their reluctance over the ferry repair. However, the authorities say that the ferry requires more new parts as it had been worn out than the initially expected which prompted the government to first undergo the process of procuring these parts from distant places like Europe thus contributing to its delay.

Whatever the cause, it should be noted that the MV Kalangala’s absence has hampered the flourishing of Ssese island tourism as the transfer of Uganda safari visitors have had a serious problem. The ferry which has been operating between Nakiwogo in Entebbe and Lutoboka in Kalangala since 2006 had prompted many travellers planning safaris to Uganda to include Ssese islands on their itinerary due to easy and reliable transfer.  After its grounding, the arrivals plummeted from over 30 tourists a week to 5 tourists according to Chairman of Ssese Islands Tour Guides Association – Abraham Thompson.

This in turn calls for immediate intervation from the respective authorities to quicken the process of repairing MV Kalangala such that the travel between these two points can flourish again which would ultimately increase safaris to Uganda and lead to the betterment of the lives of the Islanders.

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