ugandan-local-foodUganda is one of the world’s re-known destinations with great counts of tourist offerings in form of nature and human aspects that have always prompted world travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda. Located in the Eastern part of Africa at the point of meet between the East African savannah and the West African Jungle, Uganda is a biodiversity hot spot with great concentration of flora and fauna not forgetting the rich fertile soils that have for long provided the ground for the production of organic food stuffs.
Being one of the most and diverse heterogeneous nations on the world with her count of 65 tribes spread its four regions; Uganda has got a range of food stuffs some of which are distinct to particular regions and tribal communities. Food is among the selling prepositions for various destinations around the world and considering its availability and diversity in Uganda, it should be tapped as product that can attract travelers to undertake safaris and tours in Uganda.
It can be noted that Uganda has tried to present its self as a jack of all trades and though a master of none and this has risked its marketing strategy as it loose in focus. Considering the fact that Tanzania and Kenya have presented themselves as a big five destinations, Rwanda as a gorilla trekking safari and genocide destination, it is time for Uganda to identify hers. For many years, the county has been trying to run several slogans both internationally and locally but as a result of lack of focus and fraternization have been noted as just optimistic rather than successful. And because of absence of focus, the country has partly lost some of the main factors that would make a desired destination for world travelers.
The one of these distinct factors that travelers would consider before choosing a destination is food but one can say that this has been neglected in Uganda. Despite the continued recommendations from arrange of travelers on Uganda safaris about the foods in Uganda, little attention has been accorded to them. The food tourism has got great potential that needs to be tapped for the development of tourism in Uganda. Such attempts have succeeded in destinations like Italy, France, California and Mexico. Though assertions that these destinations have the advantage of famous restaurants, some countries have done well with the promotion of their social cuisines. The United Nations World Tourism Organization released a recent report indicating that world travelers are increasingly getting attracted to the local cuisine and the destinations are strategizing accordingly.
The restaurants are considered as front-line representatives of destination promotion and foreign traveler education about the destinations culture. It has to be noted that the contemporary tourist is more into culture compared to 20 years back and as a result the local culture is central to his product while holiday including a safari in Uganda.
The counts of local foods that are noted in various regions of Uganda include; Luwombo in the central, Malewa in the east, Eshabwe and Firinda in the east and the Marakwang and odi in the north.
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