THE GORILLAMountain gorillas are the most endangered species of primates out listed by the IUCN. These primates are found in only three countries in Africa and the world at large. The beauty of these primates are seen in the way the conduct themselves thus as lead to increase in gorilla safaris.

The glorious primates have about 95-98% of the human DNA which makes them more unique. They are found to be the closest relatives to the chimpanzees and humans. The different between these mighty primates is that we possess the1.6% gene which they do not have. Gorilla tracking Safari in Rwanda can offer you the best chance to encounter with this unique cousin of ours.

The Gorillas are habituated in rain forest and feeds on fresh vegetation, like leaves, stems, pith, shoot and fruits. They live in a group of families which one leader just like humans do. Their day is divided and coordinated. They have time for resting, traveling and feeding the same way human carry out their daily work

The primates can be tracked in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda or Bwindi National Park in Uganda. Gorilla tracking safaris in this national park provides tourists with the best tracking experiences while on their visit to East Africa.

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