The government of Uganda is going to Market Uganda using the eclipse which is bound to take place in Uganda, this is so important since , it will help in  increasing Uganda safaris . The members of Parliament have approved the event saying that it will help in marketing Uganda globally.

The government has already set up a committee to take care of the activity since its going to help in bringing in many tourists who are going to come for safaris in Uganda. This committee which is set up will automatically help in preparing Uganda so that it can use the event profitably in show casing the beauty of the pearl of Africa.

This committee which is set up is mainly important for encouraging more visitors safari to Uganda and its headed by the minister of tourism , Hon Maria Mutagamba, who is to work with tourism companies both international and domestic tour operators.

In order to fasten the marketing of the attraction which will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari visits in Uganda, there are many representatives who have been got from many other ministries like water and environment ministry, the ministry of works and transport and the ministry of finance, all these ministries are going to help in marketing of the event.

This event is so interesting and many tourists have already booked their safaris  which means that Uganda is going to be known to the outside world because of the eclipse, this will help in increasing the revenue of the country and also developing the tourism sector.

The event which has already attracted many safari visits is to take place in November 2013 in Pakwach which is found in the northern Uganda, this event will also help to attract more people to enjoy other touristy activities within the country; like gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, visiting the national parks and many others, these will help in raising the revenue of the country and at the same time attracting more visitors to come for safaris.

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