poachingPoaching is the illegal killing of animals. This has therefore become the most common activity which has become a problem to the tourism sector. This has reduced the number of wildlife animals in Uganda. This has reduced the number of tourists coming for tours in Uganda since the animals to be visited are poached.

The tour operators therefore do not need simple punishments to the poachers which make them practice the act again. This therefore reduces their income by reducing safaris in Uganda. The tour operators propose life imprisonment to the poachers. This will teach the rest of the poachers a lesson hence reducing this act and promote more Uganda visits.

The President of Uganda proposed Spot shooting of the poacher so as to reduce poaching and attract more safaris to Uganda. This was supported by the tour operators since if the poachers see others killed they will  carry out the activity in fear. This will help increase the number of tourists coming to safari Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector.

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