uganda tourMURCHISON FALLS Named after the then president of the Royal geographic society – Sir Roderick Murchison by the re-known explorer Sir Samuel Baker, Murchison falls is regarded as the most amazing thing to ever happen on the Nile. Located in Murchison falls national park in northern Uganda, the feature is the forms the nomenclature foundation of the park. The unique thing about this Uganda safari feature is that the Nile River is squeezed to make its way through an 8 m grand canyon before falling 43 m below the devils cauldron. The water forms a plume of spray with a thunderous roar marked by trade mark rainbow. The water flows down with a lot of pressure only to calm down before continuing its way to the Lake Albert. It would be an otherwise incomplete Uganda safari visit if not hiked to the top of the falls with its amazing scenic views, listening to roars of water flow and photography offerings. The adjacent area is dominated by a multitude of wildlife worth encountering on Uganda wildlife safari including; Elephants, buffalos, Lions, giraffe, antelopes not forgetting a variety of birds. Being unique and majestically shaped feature, it has been at the center of every heart including Africa nationalistic diehards; it’s no wonder there for that its name was changed to Kabalega falls in 1970s by the then president Idi Amin in commemoration of the great King of Bunyoro who had seriously resisted the British dominancy in Uganda though the naming was short-lived to only his tenure. River Nile the home of this magnificent water fall is itself unique for visiting on safari to Uganda as it stretches from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea making it the longest River in the world flowing through Uganda’s lakes of Kyoga and Albert. Down the falls, the calm waters of the Nile provide a perfect basis for boat cruise on safari in Uganda with a splendid sight views of wildlife on the river side and the birds including the rare shoe bill stork. The whole feature is unique and the experience is magical thus can be encountered on your Uganda wildlife safari or alongside trekking safari in Uganda.

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