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tree climbing lionsHome stays are so important in the tourism sector and this has helped in attracting many tourists to come for safaris to Uganda, the World Tourism Organization has recognized home stays as one of the ways of attracting many tourists to visit destinations especially in Uganda. This has greatly helped in increasing the revenues of the local people and also those of the tourism sector.

The ministry is also using the home stays as one way of keeping the tourists around the country for a long period of time, this has helped in increasing safaris to Uganda hence increasing revenues of the country. Home stays are used in the way that a tourist pays a fee of staying with the local people and the people have earned a lot of money from this type of  accommodation.

Home stays are affordable to the tourists especially those who don’t come with a lot of money to spend when they travel for safaris to Uganda, the local people provide conducive accommodation facilities with in their homes at low prices especially for the budget tourists. This has led to increased number of people who travel to Uganda.

They have also helped in providing a source of income to the locals and good and quality facilities to the tourists, this has helped the tourists to be able to socialize with the local people and also come to learn about the cultures of the people of the visited areas, this has helped in increasing the number of people who travel to Uganda for safari tours.

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