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fishing -murchsionThe annual Invitational fishing tournament at the Uganda safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park has grown over time and is increasingly gaining round as one of the famous events that can draw world travellers to plan safari tours to Uganda.
The fishing tournament along the Nile which is the world’s longest river traversing Murchison and dividing it into two parts is a darling for a range of sports fishermen from different corners of the world. And good sums of revenue have been gathered from the event. In fact, the year 2014 the fishing tournament in Murchison gathered close to 70 million shilling and around 50 million Shillings in 2013.
It can be noted that this year, the Invitational Fishing tournament in Murchison Falls National Park generated over 100 million shillings which is far higher than what was gathered in the last two years. This is good revenue that is generated from sports fishermen who attempt to embark on safaris in Uganda.
The Peter Bauldine who is the brain behind this annual fishing sport noted that about 1400 Kilograms of fish were captured and then were allowed to go back to their natural habitat after the three days event. The event attracted 21 boats with a count of 60 fisher men. The winning boa in the event had 269 Kilograms and Paul Bartman a South African emerged as the winner with 120.5 Kgs of fish.
The money that was generated from this Uganda safari tour activity would be used to renovate the Paraa School where the rangers’ children and those of the neighboring communities school from. The funds would also provide transport for land patrols.
The winner of the event Paul Bartman noted that efforts to conserve fish at Murchison Falls National Park have to be enhanced and the presence of illegal fishing boats destroyed on the river banks is a sign of illegal finishing occurring in the area. This year’s event attracted participants from Holland, UK, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Australia.
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