After partnering with Uganda Tourism Board, the Kampala Arts Trust’s idea of organizing a visual art exhibition started smelling the scents of success as a big function that would not only suit the interests of the exhibitors but also promote the country image so as to enhance safaris in Uganda. With its commencement on August 1, 2014, the art festival has pulled a multitude of artists including; sculptors, painters, and photographers from over 16 African countries. This has opened an opportunity to view art in different forms and backgrounds thus a great Uganda safari product for artists and art lovers.

According to Elizabeth Mbabazi, one of the organizers of this event, she asserted that art biennale is a famous event in continents like Europe and has had an influence in west African states like Senegal therefore Uganda having the opportunity to host such a thing is a great encounter that is historical and tourism players can capitalize on it to increase safaris to Uganda.

The art takes one back to history inspiring the nostalgia and the blend of the background music makes it astonishing to attend thus diversifying the Uganda safari products in addition to gorilla safaris. The art lovers like South African Musician Senzo Shabangu also acknowledged the festival. Due to this initiative, Makerere University Art gallery and Nommo gallery have joined the celebrations to exhibit their art thus can also be visited during this month long art biennale while on safari in Uganda.

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