katonga waterfallsThe Katonga River is positioned in the south west of Uganda forming one of the Uganda safari attractions that world traveler may wish to encounter. The River is noted initially to have been flowing west wards to Lake George before the uplifting on the western side of Uganda altered its direction.
The regional uplifting made the river Katonga to bounce since it could not go over the raised Albertine rift valley and thus flowed east wards taking advantage of the swampy region that was formed to the Lake Wamala’s south west as its new water shed and then gathering more water from a range of tributaries that empty into it before it flows to empty itself in the gigantic Victoria Lake which is also a popular site always visited by travelers on safaris in Uganda.
The swampy water shed where Katonga River derives its waters is positioned at about 0°13’N 30°39’E close to Katonga Wildlife Reserve around 120km from Lake Victoria. In the rainy season, the water levels tends to raise in the swampy water shed and occasionally pushing some waters to flow to west from the water shed feeding into Lake George. However, much of the water flows still follows the eastern route to Lake Victoria.
The Katonga Wildlife Reserve is one of the wildlife havens of Uganda with counts of protected fauna where about 40 species are noted to exist along with about 150 species of birds. Some of the animals encountered in Katonga River include; Sitatunga, Reedbuck, Waterbuck, Warthog, Bushbuck, Colobus monkey, Elephant and Otter. These are impressive to encounter by travelers on Uganda safaris
The main mouth of Katonga River entering into Lake Victoria is positioned close to Lukaya in the district of Kalungu 0°07.3’S 31°54.8’E geographical coordinates whereas its western section that empties into Lake George is close to Mpanga in the district of Kamwengye geographical coordinates of 0°02.6’N 30°17.4’E. River Katonga traverses the following districts along its main entire course; Bukomansimbi, Kalungu, Mpigi, Gomba, Butambala, Mityana, Sembabule, Mubende, Kiruhura, Kamwenge and Ibanda. Katonga River is noted to be about 220km in length and its remarkable beauty and history that include the Museveni’s guerrilla war combine to make it worthy encountering while on safari in Uganda.