The Launch of Cultural and Tourism sites in the West Nile-Uganda safari News

cultural safaris in ugandaWest Nile had a chance to have the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni launch their cultural and tourism scheme centre so as to have many safaris in Uganda. This happened on Sunday at the Gili Gili centre in the west Nile. This therefore made the centre famous to many people hence attracting many people to come for Uganda safaris.

The centre is commonly known for its cultural activities and items that attract many tourists for Uganda safaris. These therefore generate more revenues to the government as many tourists are forced to come and buy some items therefore giving in a fee that is collected as revenue therefore boosting the tourism sector in Uganda.

The main reason of launching this tourism and cultural site was to increase the number of Uganda safaris through promoting the culture in this area so that it becomes a place of visit to every tourist on Uganda visits. This will therefore make Uganda a beautiful place to the tourists therefore making it a tourist destination.

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