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lion in KidepoThe lions are notable Uganda Safari products which are among the highly sought after species by the travelers visiting Uganda. In Mid this year, the lions of Kidepo got struck by a strange disease that affected their general health and aroused concern among the conservationists and the travelers on safaris in Uganda
The efforts to neutralize the occurrence were undertaken and the lions got sprayed in the month of August and it is impressive to hear that the health of these species is steadily improving though the Laboratory tests are not yet released.
The Uganda Wildlife Authority the public body responsible for the wildlife protection and management within and outside protected areas acknowledges the improvement in the lion’s health following their spray in August. The lions are noted to have reduced in weight, appeared emaciated as well as weak.
The cause of this strange situation among the lions is still speculation with some attributing it to decrease in the number of prey thus facing starvation or being attacked by a strange starvation. The right occurrence will be ascertained when results from the samples from the lions that were taken for analysis are released. This definitely restores hope among the nature lovers and the tourism developers as Kidepo is among the remarkable destinations that have been pulling a range of world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda.
The Medical team has since been undertaking the close monitoring on ground and is satisfied with the trend that the health of the lions is taking. The Park also features four cubs whose mother died after their birth but now fortunately surviving after being fed on special diet.
The samples were taken abroad and the process could not be in anyway easier because of the export and import restrictions set on wildlife by the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species. As further remedy, Kidepo features big mammals which are a challenging prey to the lions. As a result, Uganda Wildlife Authority intends to trans-locate over 100 antelopes from Murchison Falls National Park another Uganda safari tour destination to Kidepo so as to neutralize the issue of starvation.
Kidepo Valley National Park features a count of 132 lions standing among the parks in Uganda with great counts of lions and interestingly with a steady increase in the lion population compared to other destinations. Be part of the lions’ heath regeneration by exploring Kidepo Valley National Park while on safari in Uganda.