elephants -ugandaBeauty is defined by its ability to capture our eyes; its irresistibly attractive form sometimes forces us to follow along blindly even without a second thought. When we encounter beautiful things we are reminded of a creator who took his time to craft gorgeous pieces of art. Our world has an abundance of the creator’s beautiful artifacts and a Uganda Tour and Safari will lead you to one; Queen Elizabeth is one of those places that you will need to travel with someone to keep on patting you on the shoulder, reminding you that you are still on earth and not yet in heaven.
Think about the streams, hills, crater lakes, life-filled valleys; the complexity of ear-tickling sounds vocalized by East Africa’s biggest and most diverse population of bird species, up to 2,500 elephants, 5,000 hippopotamuses, 10,000 ferocious buffalos, and the tree climbing lions which we most definitely think about when choosing a Queen Elizabeth Safari and Tour in Uganda; not forgetting the golden color of the sun that hides between hills in the evenings to form a picturesque African sunset.
Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the western part of Africa’s paradise (Uganda) just 410km from Kampala the Capital City. The park is acclaimed for its abundance of life painted in at least 600 bird species, flora and over 95 mammalian species.
Your Queen Elizabeth Uganda Safari will serve you with the best collection of life in the wild; enough to leave you remarkably marveling, and it will bring to you wildlife in plentiful quantities that you might want to come along with an extra memory card for your camera.
Yours will be a well spent holiday indeed! You will return home with stories about the king of the jungle, the world’s largest land mammal, some of the world’ littlest details of life and the sparkling waters of the crater lakes. Perhaps one of the few awesome species that you will not find here are the Mountain Gorillas; but if you have enough time, from here you can proceed to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to add more to the story. With comfortable nights in one of the superb luxurious accommodation centers in the park, you will always feel at home; or we can say “Feel at Queen Elizabeth National Park”. Brighter than Canada’s Northern Lights will the memories at the back of your head be, about an unforgettable Safari experience in Uganda’s “Medley of Wonders”, Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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