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Buganda MonumentThe Buganda Monument is positioned in between the two of the Uganda safari tour sites namely; Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Buganda at Lubiri and the hill of Bulange the home to the famous parliament of Buganda along the Kabaka Anjagala road also referred to as the Royal Mile.

The Buganda Monument stands as a huge split drum locally referred to as Engalabi featuring other smaller drums locally known as Nankasa representing a complete set of drums that are used in the Buganda Kingdom whose existence date far baack to the ancient times and recognised among the few Kingdoms of Africa that are still standing.

This monument received much more credibility when the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities registered it as an object of monumental value to the inventory list of historic properties and places in the Uganda that would as well be of interest to the travelers on Safaris in Uganda.

Named Nantawetwa Monument, the restricted access gap in the middle of it is only a preserve of the Kabaka as he transfers from Lubiri to Bulange. The direct road connecting Lubiri and Bulange affirm that these two places are on a straight axis as it is believed in the Buganda traditions that the spirits watching over Kabaka walk in a straight line. Another belief states that the straight road was made to make sure that the King is not obstructed along his way between these two places. It is also noted that the strategic location of Bulange hill had a protective motive for the palace as it would be easier to spot out enemies that might attack the palace.
The Nantawetwa Monument rises to 11m in height with a diameter area of 12.8 metres featuring a shield and the spear hanging in between the split drum representing the Kingdom’s emblem appearing in the Buganda Flag. The Monument’s impressive outlook makes it of interest to the traveling public including visitors on Uganda Safaris.
The splitting of engalabi into two pieces has no any cultural attachment but only to provide for access through the roundabout. The Buganda Monument was put together by three (3) teams including the; Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), SASA Architects along with Global Youth Artisans.

In the process to give the monument a node, the Commissioner of Museums and Monuments in the Ministry of Tourism Ms. Rose Mwanja Nkaale issued a letter to Jenifer Musisi the Executive Director of KCCA noting that the property was voted to be of national significance by the team of conservators and the respective certificate will be given out at the respective time. The monument’s association with the great activities and events in the historical kingdom of Buganda gives it a worth attention.
The recognition of the Buganda Monument in the list of national inventory of the same gives it an advantage in the fields of preservation along with publicity that would in turn attract the traveling world on tours in Uganda to explore it thus contributing to the Kingdom’s revenue.