A safari to Siipi Falls cavesThe number of international tourists who come to Uganda for safaris is increasing day by day and so this is helping in increasing the revenues of the country hence

helping in the development of the tourism sector in Uganda.

According to the World Bank study, Uganda has been receiving international tourists who have helped in increasing Uganda safaris, this has helped in the innovation of the tourism facilities like the hotels, the tourist attractions are also preserved and conserved so that they can attract

repeat business in Tourism.

International tourists are the number of tourists who travel to a country other than in which they have their residence, but also outside their usual environment, for a period of 12 months and their main purpose is to engage in safari visits to those countries they have visited.

They always participate in wildl

ife safaris, mountain gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee tracking safaris, boating safaris, birding safaris and many others which are enjoyed by the tourists who come to Uganda for safari tours.

The ministry of tourism has re

leased statistics showing that the number of international tourists has increased generally due to the increased development of the tourism

sector in Uganda. This has been so because the government of Uganda has come up to fund the sector in order to improve the roads and the hotels which the tourists use when they come for safaris in Uganda.

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