Uganda-AirlinesThe government of Uganda has reached a level where it can no longer sit in complacency in absence of the national carrier and the President himself acknowledges the significance of the carrier than without it including its prominent role in increasing safaris to Uganda.
President Museveni while in the 11th Northern Corridor Infrastructure Project Summit held in Nairobi Kenya expressed the desire to revive the national carrier in order to neutralize the exorbitant fares that are met by Ugandans and other travelers connecting to the Uganda route including travelers on Uganda safaris as they fly with carriers of other countries.
Considering the fact that the air fare in the region is high despite that initial arrangements under the Northern Corridor Infrastructural Project (NCIP), the desire to revitalize the national airline to counteract such fares is by all means necessary. In addition, Ugandans need easy access to regional market which is a necessity that is vital for all Ugandans doing business.
The reports from the Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) represented by Mr. Ogene Fred the acting chief executive officer indicate that the President has already directed the revival of the Ugandan Airlines. The Corporation has already passed on the task to the Ministry of Transport to oversee the Uganda Airlines revival.
The Ministry of Transport has already hired the International Audit firm the Ernst & Young to undertake the evaluation of the viability of the Ugandan Airline and the results were very promising which indicates the potential of the carrier to succeed and run sustainably thus ensuring long term use even for the Uganda safari undertakers
The government is in quest of about $300m as the startup investment in the revival of the national carrier. Once revived, the Ugandan Airlines will be the only business venture of the government under the supervision of Uganda Development Corporation and the body will sell off shares gradually up to when it completely private sector controlled.
The Ugandan Airline saw its liquidation in the month of May 2001 and at the time of its liquidation; the Uganda Airline had a debt of $6million. The closure of the Airline affected the country’s visibility on global scale and the Air connection as well. The travelers to Uganda including those coming for safaris in Uganda require connecting to the neighboring countries before connecting to Uganda.