Uganda is one of the blessed countries with diverse wildlife and culture and she looks to reclaim its position as the leading regional tourist destination. The country continues to attract tourists and mainly, private investors who will set the pace for hospitality and tourism development thus increasing safaris in Uganda.

There are a lot of Student graduates with quality skills to work in the tourism sector. But unfortunately, the leading employers in this sector generally overlook Uganda for senior positions. Employing these graduates will enable better provision of services and thus increase in safaris to Uganda

Students who graduate from existing vocational courses are limit to working low end jobs because,  they spit their worthy efforts, these schools lack the funding needed to provide facilities and expertise required in the modern hotels, catering and tourism industry. For Uganda safaris to increase, the country must establish an institute of excellence that is globally united. The institute must be well funded with excellent curriculum, comprising of technological advancement, theory and practice.

Public private partnership can help Uganda uplift her standards in educating the future tourism professional by creating a tourism institution to train and educate potential employees in the field of tourism and hospitality management. Doing this will increase the standard of service delivery and satisfactions of tourists and thus increasing safaris to Uganda

There are a lot of potential investors who are interested in tourism investment. Passing this bill will be excellent news to the investors who will improve the standards of tourists’ facilities to enhance tourists’ satisfaction on their safaris to Uganda.

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