shoebill  The shoe bill also known as shoe billed stork is one of the Uganda’s rare bird species found in the wetland areas and thus attracts a lot of safaris to Uganda. This bird is a very large stork like bird and it derived its name from its massive shoe-shaped bill.

The birds’ true affiliations with other living birds are unclear and they are known to be humble. The unique characters of these birds attract very many safaris in Uganda.

The birds are known for their slow actions and tendency to stay still for long periods which make them look like statues. They birds are very sensitive towards the disturbance of humans and this can make them to abandon their nesting place. The birds feed in muddy waters and stays in swamps. The birds in addition feed on preys like water snakes, frogs, baby crocodiles, lung fish, and cat fish. These pre historic birds have attracted very many safari visits to Uganda.

The shoe billed stork lays two eggs per year which make them endangered. They do not nest in colonies because of their solitary nature. The birds are commonly seen in Murchison falls national park down the Nile, Ishasha Island in queen Elizabeth, and Mabamba wetland.

Uganda safaris provide tourists with the opportunity to see these pre historic birds along with other unique bird species. Uganda is a home for a half various part species and the best birding destination in Africa.

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