nema logoNational Environmental Management Authority is an organisation which is responsible for proper conservation of the environment and the wildlife as well. This has helped at increasing Uganda safaris with in the country.

The authority is also responsible for developing and maintaining natural resources in order to serve the current and the future generation of Uganda. This helps in conserving the environment and the wildlife especially in the national parks, where the animals are kept. This has greatly helped in increasing safaris to Uganda since the animals and the nature are kept in contact.

Since resources are considered to be the base for our country’ growth, this means that they should be well managed in order to increase the development of tourism in the country. The resources like water, forests and many others have greatly contributed to the increased safaris in Uganda.

The authority encourages the need to conserve the natural environment in order to promote the future development of tourism in the country. However environmental degradation is on a high increase in Uganda, this is because there is serous use of firewood and charcoal by the people living round the natural resources, this has greatly affected the number of safaris to Uganda since the natural resources are affected.

Safaris in Uganda are to continually be affected since the environment has been encroached at by the communities and the government which gives away land which has natural resources to the investors to develop industries instead of encouraging the conservation of the environment for tourism. This has greatly reduced the number of safari visits especially for those interested in nature.

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