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uwaUganda Wildlife Authority is a government organization which is responsible in conserving and managing Uganda’s wildlife for the people of Uganda. The organization is to ensure sustainable management of wildlife resources and supervising wildlife activities in the country. This has helped in increasing Uganda safaris since the wildlife and the environment are well preserved.

The organization is also responsible for marketing the tourism sector in Uganda, it has done this using different ways which include; on-lining marketing, writing brochures and flyers, using of tour operators who also market the sector to the outside world in order to get business. This has helped in increasing safaris to Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority is also responsible for managing the country’s tourism industry and attracting investors to invest in the sector, this has greatly increased the revenues of the country and also attracting more tourists to come for safaris in Uganda. This however helps in marketing the country to the outside world.

Since Mountain gorillas are highly marketed in Uganda, UWA has put in an extra effort to market the product through selling on-line gorilla permits so that the tourists can easily access them from the internet, this will help in improving safari tours in Uganda.

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