Uganda wildlife Uganda Wildlife Authority is a statutory body which was started in 2000 and it has worked hard in promoting tourism in Uganda. It has worked with many other organizations which have also helped in promoting the tourism sector to the outside world which has also helped in increasing safaris to Uganda.

The main role of UWA is managing and conserving of wildlife in Uganda, it details all the animals both in the national parks and outside the parks, in the game reserves and also in Sanctuaries, and this has greatly helped in maintaining the wildlife species which has also helped in increasing Uganda safaris.

The authority is also responsible for promoting the public participation in the managing of wildlife since this can help in eradicating poverty and this can be through community conservation Programmes, this has greatly improved the lives of people who live near the national parks and also this has helped in improving safari visits to Uganda.

The authority is also responsible for protecting of endangered, rare and the endemic species  of plants and animals, this is done through provision of wildlife policies , management plans, and also promotion of management best practices, this has also helped in increasing the number of animals in the national parks hence leading to increased safaris in Uganda.

This organization is also ensuring the timely and the appropriate handling of problem animals with the local community collaboration; this has helped in proper maintaining of the animals especially those which live in the national parks hence increasing their numbers thus increased safari tours to Uganda

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