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tourismThe South African Tourism Festival was organized for southern African countries by the South African Tourism Boards. This is where many countries showcased their tourism offers. Many countries participated in this festival including Uganda which has also contributed to their development in the tourism sector hence attracting tourists to come for safaris in Uganda.

The Ugandan stall was put in at Africa’s largest travel and tourism festival which helped it market its tourism abilities hence increasing Uganda safaris since it was known to people. The Uganda tourism minister said that it was a very great opportunity to Uganda because Uganda was given the chance to sell its tourism to the most of the African countries. This will therefore promote Uganda’s tourism hence attracting many safaris to Uganda.

The Minister for Tourism Maria Mutagamba admitted that Uganda spends less in tourism than other countries which has hindered its development thus less Uganda safaris. However she added that they are working so hard to invest more in the tourism sector so as to further market the tourism sector to different parts of the world. This will therefore increase more safaris in Uganda therefore making Uganda a tourism destination.

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