The absence of the national carrier is impacting on the tourism sector and the safaris to Uganda in particular. This was noted by the current Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda – Rt.Hon. Rebecca Kadaga at the launch of the Jinja Nile Adventure day who cited the significance of the national carriers to the safari destinations of South Africa and Ethiopia as they are able to fly  their safari undertakers at cheaper tickets compared to those on Uganda safaris.

Uganda is by no means an ordinary destination because it has a range of splendid tourist attractions and activities ranging from gorilla trekking,wildlife safaris, Chimpanzee trekking and cultural safaris which always prompt travelers to undertake safaris in Uganda. This potential can fully be tapped if the efforts to revive the national carrier by the government are taken seriously as it was in 1970s. The current status quo where the country is depending on foreign carries to transport her Uganda safari undertakers is affecting the tourism sector since the travelers have to bear the enormous travel costs.

The revival of Uganda Airlines which was liquidated in 2001 after the government’s failure to sustain its overhead costs has always received a deaf ear from the responsible government bodies which has partly affected the numbers of those wishing to take safaris to Uganda. There is also a need to develop regional airfields to facilitate easy transfer of those undertaking safaris in Uganda as they may not wish to transfer longer on surface.

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