spotted-hyena-prime uganda safarisThe spotted Hyenas are scientifically known as Crocuta crocuta and are among the most impressing attractions that are always encountered on Uganda safaris and tours. The Spotted hyena prefers to live in the rolling savanna landscapes of Uganda among which include the national parks that fall under that vegetation category.
The Spotted Hyena is known to be the only member of the genus Crocuta which is a laughing hyena and it exists in Uganda where it is visited on safaris in Uganda and other part of southern Sahara. It falls under the Animalia Kingdom, Chordata Phylum, Mammalia Class, Carnivora Order, Hyaeninane family, Crocuta Genus and Crocuta crocuta genus. The spotted Hyena is given by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as the least concerned due to its extensive distribution with the counts of 27,000 – 47,000 although these numbers are decreasing due to habitat loss.
The Spotted Hyena species are thought to have originated from Asia and were densely present in the parts of Europe dating to one million year ago and towards the end of the Pleistocene. The dotted Hyena is considered as the largest of all Hyaenidae and its difference from others is drawn by vaguely bear like build, spotted pelt, rounded ears, fewer nipples, prominent mane, pseudo penis among females and the dual purpose dentition as it can be witnessed by travelers on a safari in Uganda. The funny thing about the spotted Hyena is that it does not possess the external Vaginal opening.
The Spotted Hyena tends to dwell in extensive group sizes than the other carnivore members. However, one should note that the big sizes of the groups do not come with cohesiveness but come with competition. The accessing of food and mate is all about racing and as a result the males tend to maintain dominancy and never mind about the young ones as it is the responsibility of the females.
The Spited Hyena is considered to be successful creatures as it has managed to thrive in large numbers in Africa and this is attributed to opportunism and adaptability. The Spotted Hyena is capable hunting and scavenging and with the capacity to swallow and digest the bone, skin or any other animal product. As a result, a spotted Hyena is considered to be making effective use of animal matter than other carnivores.
In Uganda, the spotted Hyena can be encountered in the National Parks of Queen Elizabeth NP, Kidepo Valley and Lake Mburo which are always visited by travelers undertaking safaris to Uganda.
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