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Uganda tourism Association which isa body in Uganda that is responsible for the development of the tourism industry in the country held a meeting and voted Hebert Byaruhanga as the association president. This leader has worked hard in increasing safaris to Uganda and at the same time developing the tourism sector.

The president said that his focus this year is to improve the image of the association which has been destroyed by some members of the public. He said this since this tourism sector has been receiving few visitors who have been coming for safaris to Uganda. Therefore, he plans to strengthen the relationship between the private sector in tourism and the private sector foundation of Uganda so as to improve the tourism industry.

The president also said that the association will get some technical advice which will help the association and the sector to grow in order to increase the safaris in Uganda. He also said that there are many opportunities in the tourism sector which are not exploited and these can lead to increased jobs for the people of Uganda and at the same time developing the tourism industry.

The World Bank according to study done, posted that Uganda’s tourism sector has increased its earnings which has helped in developing the tourism sector and at the same time increased the safari visits to Uganda. It has also been recognised that Uganda’s GDP has been improving day by day.

Uganda has got most of the largest varieties of natural resources in African which is ranging from fresh water bodies like the lakes and rivers, the mountains, mountain gorillas, the flora and fauna and many more which have attracted many safari tours to Uganda.

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