elephantThe Tour Operators asked the government to provide them with 12billions so as to market the tourism sector. They need this money so as to make tourism the best sector in Uganda and therefore increase more safaris to Uganda. This will therefore increase more investments in sector hence boosting tourism and provide employment opportunities to people so as to fight poverty.

Uganda needs to invest $5 million every year in the tourism sector. This will help provide more tourist attractions which will attract more visits in Uganda. It will also help improve roads, hotels, lodges so as to provide better services to the tourists as they come for safari tours in Uganda.

They said the tourism sector in Uganda is backward since there are less investments in the sector compared to other countries, there is double taxation of the sector and it is also not known internationally. This has therefore made Ugandan tourism lag behind. The tour operators are therefore working hard so as to improve the sector and promote more Uganda tours hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

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