tree-climbing lions-queen ElizabethIt is very unique and very uncommon to see lions dubbed the king of the jungle climbing trees. This rare occurrence is what makes the Queen Elizabeth National Park a paradise for Uganda safari undertakers. On the global scale, the tree climbing lions exist in two protected areas that is Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and the second one is Lake Manyara National Park in southern Tanzania. This makes the tree climbing lions scares and unique to areas where they dwell from.
The reason behind these lions’ tree climbing is not clear though speculations have it that they do escape from the hot conditions on the ground in search of the soothing cool breeze up in the trees while others put it that the lions are escaping from the bites of tsetse flies that characterize the ground. These differing reasons have always put the reason behind the lions’ climbing trees in insufficiency. The travellers on safari in Uganda continue to flock the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth to encounter these resident species alongside other wildlife.
Apparently, the Ishasha sector is growing in popularity and increasingly being included on the list of must visit places by people planning safaris to Uganda. These lions are lazily viewed up in the tree branches of giant fig trees looking at the Uganda kobs down with great confidence of food security. It is such a thrilling encounter that when chased by a lion, the option of saving yourself by climbing a tree may not help you as the lion can do it too. This amazing Uganda safari encounter is normally done as an en route to or from the gorilla tracking haven of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
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