tourism in ugandaUganda is blessed with variety of nature, cultures, tradition, global accolades and the people’s hospitality; this has helped in marketing Uganda to the outside world since Uganda is a fortunate country which has got much potential which are not uncovered, this has turned the government in to providing adequate assistance to the tourism sector so that it can help in increasing Uganda safaris.

The government has discovered that the tourism sector can create many jobs to the people of Uganda; therefore the government has majorly focused on developing and improving the tourism sector since this sector has the potential capacity to promote economic development in the rural can also provide employment to the youth and the women especially those living near the tourist attractions, this will help in increasing safaris to Uganda.

 The tourism sector in Uganda is developing at a faster rate and this means that the government needs to put in high efforts at promoting the sector so that it can gain from it, this means that the government of Uganda should invest so much in marketing the sector to the outside world which will help in attracting more tourists to come for safaris in Uganda.

In order to ensure the development of the tourism sector, the government has to ensure peace and security around the country so that the visitors who come for safari tours to Uganda. This is because the tourists cannot visit a country which is not stable hence this can affect the country as well as the sector of tourism.

The government in order to perform adequately, it must increase the finances which are given to the tourism sector , this will help in facilitating all the projects of the ministry which support the tourism sector, this will help in attracting more tourists to come for safari visits to Uganda.

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