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Netherlands is among the main countries in Europe that have for long formed the origin of Uganda safari undertakers who visit a range of destinations including national parks, game reserves and culture and heritage sites.
The Ugandans and the friends of Ugandans in Netherlands are credited for opening the cultural and business center named Uganda House Cultural and Business Centre (UHCBC). The center is set to create lasting relations with the respective Authorities and other stake holders including travellers that would wish to do safaris to Uganda.
David Kirunda, the Chief Organizer of the function noted that due to increase in the number of Ugandans in Netherlands, there is a need to create a central ground that would magnify their presence in Netherlands.
The newly established house named the Uganda House in the Netherlands which forms good counts of travelers that undertake safaris in Uganda will be used as the pinnacle of identity for any Ugandan ensuring social cohesion peace. The center also aims at having unity as the main founding block for prosperity and community progress.
The Uganda House Cultural and Business Center have seen its official launch on Saturday 18th April 2015 at the Uganda House – Hogevecht in Amsterdam Netherlands. The Head of Mission Ugandan Embassy in Brussels officiated over the event.
The Uganda Homestay Tourism Project (UHTP) was also launched during the event. It aims at bringing travellers to Uganda safari closer to the host communities and enhances rural poverty eradication

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