northern coridor-safari newThe three countries that are part of the East African Community and constitute the Northern Corridor Integration Projects Initiative are working on joint marketing programs that will attract international travelers to travel to these countries including undertaking safaris to Uganda.
The focus of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda which share this vision of promoting East Africa as a single tourist destination is to build from the diverse and rich attractions with in the region including the Uganda safari products and then the present of 141 million people estimate in the region as the attractive pool for investment.
This joint approach brings together the agencies both public and private that are concerned with tourism marketing such as Uganda Tourism Board, Kenya Tourism Board, Rwanda Development Board’s Department of Tourism and Conservation. These agencies share a common cause and work towards increasing tourist arrivals in the region and their countries in particular including the number of travelers that undertake Uganda safaris and tours.
The issues under consideration include infrastructure, security, ease of access as a central aspect in ensuring visitor confidence for their comfort and safety while on safaris in East Africa including safari tours in Uganda. The aspects like single tourism visa, joint events at world trade fairs, visa free travel for the expatriates, organizing trips for travel media and the use of IDs for locals instead of passports are among the already implemented moves under this initiative.
The joint initiatives under the Northern Corridor Scheme are so far doing well rearing tourism in the region and the travel numbers including those that do Uganda safaris have continued to increase.
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