pope- francis-ugandaEven in the absence of a clear formal pronouncement by His Holiness, the father of the global Roman Catholic Church, of a visit to the Pearl of Africa, we can all keep ourselves braced for a potential physical encounter with this internationally cherished leader.
It will be a whole lot harder to schedule a meeting with the Argentine born and first pontiff with Latin American origin, due to his busy calendar that is full of activity all year round. Perhaps you could all start thinking about planning for your Safaris to Uganda to energetically latch on to this opportunity.
In a communication made by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the president of Uganda about inviting His Holiness Pope Francis during a meeting earlier this year at the Vatican, the bishop of Rome confirmed a visit to Africa in the latter half of the holy year of 2015.
Chitchats have been going around about a clearer specification of November, as being the phase in which the reigning Holy Father will grace the Central African Republic and Uganda with his visit as part of his annual global itinerary. Securing one’s Uganda Safari and Tour would mean a securer position in tapping into the well-heeled bag of blessings that Pope Francis travels with wherever he goes.
This year Uganda and the greater African continent celebrate the 50th anniversary of 3rd June, a day that was fixed to remember the sacrifices made by 22 Catholic and 23 Anglican African martyrs who gave up their lives in the  19th century for the sake of their faith. A Safari in Uganda should be able to take you to the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine (about 10 miles Northeast of Kampala City Center) where the biggest number of these saints selflessly lay down their lives in the mercilessly scorching fires. It is for this celebration and a number of other consecrated motives that Pope Francis will be visiting Uganda.
Known globally for their hospitality, the Ugandan people will not at any one time be selfish in accommodating anyone from visiting the country for this infrequent occasion. There is indeed no need to stress about where to rest your head or where to take a bite of delicious cuisine while on your marvelous Safari in Uganda. Let us receive the Pope together!

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