Tour Operators need for UWA Act to make Changes-Uganda safari News

gorilla in rwandaUWA proposed an act against poaching activities so as to improve wildlife in Uganda and promote more tours to Uganda. However the Act is still in the cabinet and they have not passed it on. Poaching in the parks is becoming rampant and has led to the reduction of wildlife Animals like gorillas, chimpanzee and many others hence reducing safari visits.

 The tour operators therefore want to get a solution for it and  currently a person who is got trying to poach animals is to be arrested not less than seven years in prison. This  to an extent reduced the act and has promoted more Uganda tours.

 The tourism sector is the major foreign exchange earner and therefore has to be boosted so as to develop Uganda. There are a lot of revenues earned from the sector which helps to construct roads, infrastructure such as hotels, lodges and other tourists  attractions so as to increases safari tours in Uganda and also make Uganda a tourist destination.

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