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mountain gorillasRwanda as a country is gaining from the tourism sector and it has recently gained the UN recognition which has helped in attracting more international tourists to come for safaris to Rwanda. Many discussions have been held in favor of improving tourism and travel since it’s one of the ways of developing the tourism sector. The naming ceremony has greatly attracted many tourists to Rwanda.

 The president of Rwanda and other politicians are also committed with the promotion and marketing the tourism, since this will help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safari visits to Rwanda. Travel and tourism has transformed Rwanda’s future and also helping in promoting sustainable economic development, this has been a good practice for conservation and preservation of the national parks and the wildlife species.

 Rwanda has also strengthened the relationships which it has with the neighboring countries since this will help in promoting domestic tourism and also increasing the love of tourism among the nationals, this will also help in attracting more people to come for safari tours  in Rwanda. The good relationships will also be with the major organizations which will also help in the funding the tourism projects which will be taking place.

The government is also planning to strengthen cooperation with world tourism organization so that they can work together in boosting the development of the tourism sector and its roles in financing different projects of the tourism industry of Rwanda, this will help in attracting more international tourists to come for tours to Rwanda.

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February 28th, 2014|Safari News|