uganda tourist attractionsThe East African region is a rich destination for various travellers across the globe that prefers the region for its range of tourist attractions and activities that would see their interests satisfied. The diverse range of activities and attractions including the gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, wildlife safaris, coastal and beach tours, diverse cultural tours and adventure safaris have made the region of East Africa popular.
It should be noted that most of the East African countries have similar attractions with few unique species which requires a joint effort to promote the region other than embarking on cut throat competition that would retaliate. With this, a single tourist Visa for East Africa was launched to enable travellers including those that purchase Uganda safari packages to easily transfer to other regional countries so as to widen the experience and at the same time increasing tourism expenditure in the region.
However, the East African regional tourism is still having barriers and one of them is the cost of air travel. The regional air transfer is very expensive compared to other regions on the continent and globally thus the member states should collaborate to solve this and in turn improve the tourism industry. This was noted by Yamina Karitanyi the Head of tourism and conservation department at Rwanda Development Board (RDB). The aviation experts decried that this high cost is caused due lack of uniform air space policies and high Airport parking fees in the region.
The issue of Ebola and terror threats is recognized as an imperative issue that should be addressed with keen interest. The Alshabab militant group has always terrorized the region especially countries of Kenya and Uganda while the Ebola virus has also been an issue. The experts acknowledged that such issues have to be keenly addressed in order to make travellers including those on safari tour in Uganda feel at home.
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