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nyungwe forestTourism in Rwanda has been growing at a faster rate and this has helped in reducing the poverty scam which has been taking place in the country. Many people have got jobs from the tourism sector and this has helped in providing enough incomes to the local people, this has helped in increasing the participation of the locals in the development of tourism hence increasing safaris to Rwanda.

Rwanda for long has been recovering from the tragedy that took place in the country during the genocide period and this has been done through encouraging the development of the tourism sector with in the country. This has helped in increasing many people to come for safari tours to Rwanda. The sector has been growing at a faster and it has increased the GDP of the country.

 Rwanda has got many tourism products to offer and this has helped in attracting more tourists to Rwanda and these have engaged in many safari tours in Rwanda. Even though the population of Rwanda has grown, the tourism sector has provided high incomes to the people of Rwanda and these have been employed in hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, inns and guest houses, others are also employed in the ministry of tourism of Rwanda.

The increasing gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda have greatly improved the lives of the people of Rwanda, this is because the tourism product has helped in increasing the revenues of the country and also providing employment to the people of Rwanda. This has been added to the funds which the government is getting from other international aided organizations.

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