This national ptours in ugandaark is found in the western Uganda and it’s considered the highest mountain in Uganda, it has got many attractions which have helped in increasing the number of safaris to Uganda, this has been of importance since the revenues of the country certainly increase.

The park has got glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, natural habitats of the endangered species and also flora and many more, all these attractions have helped in attracting Uganda safaris and this has helped in developing the tourism sector.

 Many tourists who enjoy mountain climbing have been coming to this park for mountain climbing safaris and they have been getting experience and adventure from this park, this activity has greatly attracted many visitors to come and visit Uganda.

The park has also got good accommodation facilities which have favoured the tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda, these accommodation facilities are mid-range, budget and luxury. This has helped in increasing the number of tourists who come for tours to Uganda.

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