The minister security personnel in ugandaof tourism, Hon Maria Mutagamba has blamed the chaos which is going on in Kampala  the capital city of Uganda as the main effect to the tourism sector. The chaos has greatly affected the tourism sector in the way that it has reduced the number of tourists who are come for safaris to Uganda. This has affected the amount of revenues  collected from the tourism sector.

The minister also said that the continuous battling has greatly affected the country’s reputation especially to the outside world where the many tourists who come for safari tours come from. Many of them have been refusing to book or have completely cancelled the safaris which have greatly affected the tourism sector in Uganda.

These have also affected the marketing of Uganda as a tourist destination to the international level since the tourists are scared for their security with in the addition to the riots, there is also the war which is going on in southern sudan and many tourists are scared to come for their safaris since they think the war is taking place in Uganda. This is so bad since it has brought about decrease in the number of safari visits to Uganda in this period.

The number of tourists is expected to increase since there was an introduction of the single tourist visa, which is expected to help in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris to Uganda.

The tourism sector is considered to be the second largest sector in the country after agriculture and it has continued to attract high GDP to the country. Therefore Ugandans need to engage in practices which promote peace and harmony in the country in order to improve the tourism sector.

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