rhinos in ziwa rhino sanctuary ugandaTourism is Uganda‘s most growing sector and its considered to be raising high revenues to the country which has helped to develop the tourism sector in Uganda. This has helped in increasing Uganda safaris.

The national geographic which named Uganda as one of the top tourism destinations in 2013 help Uganda to improve its tourism sector which has helped in increasing safaris to Uganda. The increased rankings of the tourism sector in Uganda helped to develop the tourism industry in the country.

Marketing of the tourism sector to the outside world has helped in increasing the number of tourists who come for safaris in Uganda which has also helped in increasing the revenue of the tourism sector and also helping in developing the tourism sector of Uganda.

Uganda has got many forests, land spaces, mountains, nature, vegetation which supports good climate in the country; this has always been loved by the tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda.  This has helped in marketing the tourism sector to the outside world which has helped in increasing the revenues of the sector.

CNN which is one of the world’s top news groups also showed that the ranking which still showed that Uganda is one of the highest tourist destinations in Africa. It considered Kidepo national park as one of the 10 best tourist attractions in Africa. This is due to marketing which is done by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The lonely planet also ranked Uganda as one of the top destination, this helped in facilitating other tourists from other countries to come and visit the pearl of African due to its diverse attractions like mountain gorillas, chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, bird species, water bodies, and mountains. All these have helped in increasing the safari tours to Uganda.

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