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uganda safarisTransport is one of the major components of a tourism package and it forms a realizable portion towards travelers’ satisfaction on Uganda safari. Uganda like any other developing country has a transport system that is still developing but with basics to facilitate the transfer of passengers on Uganda safari to their respective destinations. The means of transport used in Uganda currently include; Air, Road, Water and Rail. However, the rail transport is still limited to cargo transportation unlike passengers. The roads connecting to the different destinations of Uganda are in good state while others are under maintenance or their upgrade is in the pipe line. This is as a result of government efforts to increase safaris to Uganda. The air transport is in operation with Entebbe airport the country’s main gateway receiving international flights from most parts of the world while the range of airstrips scattered in various regions of the country provide a good basis for domestic and chartered flights with in the country. This facilitates travelers on safari in Uganda to easily connect to their respective safari destinations without hassle. The ferry connections across Uganda’s water bodies are well functioning. River Nile crossing is possible and reliable while connections to Lake Victoria islands are available daily facilitating transfer of Uganda safari undertakers. Regardless of shortfalls like traffic jam in urban centers particularly Kampala city and bad surface connections to the country’s remote areas, the transport environment in Uganda can averagely facilitate the movement of people and their vehicles on Uganda safari.

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