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Travel and tourism in Uganda need government support to perform better.- Uganda Safaris & Tours news

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tourism in UgandaUganda’s tourism sector has been growing steadily due to the increasing safaris which are being carried out in the country; these have helped in marketing Uganda as a tourist destination and also increasing on the revenues of the country.

Travel and tourism have been considered as the fastest growing industries in Uganda, but it has not been fully supported by the government, since the sectors have continued to receive low funds from the central government which has affected its operations with in the country. This has tried to reduce safari visits to Uganda.

Despite its enormous potential, the tourism sector has not performed well in the country, this is because of lack of commitment towards travel and tourism development in the country, there are many hotels which are sub-standard in the country and these have affected Uganda safaris since they limit the number of visitors to the country.

The government should however; come up to increase the funds which are given to the tourism sector, in order to improve its operations in the country, this will help in developing the tourism since the number of safari tours will also increase as well as the revenues.

To achieve sustainable travel and tourism growth, the government must invest in marketing and promotion of the country as a destination of tourist preference. This will however help in increasing safaris in Uganda at the same time improving the tourism sector.

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October 12th, 2013|Safari News|