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Rwanda is an African country that lies amidst the cross roads of Central and Eastern Africa though this has been cleared by her eventual incorporation in the East African Federation alongside other states of Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi. Regardless of it being branded as a land of a thousand hills with enormous wildlife that can be seen on Rwanda safari including the gorilla tracking experience in the Volcanoes national park, it has other rich safari product and this is nothing other than its culture. Rwanda primarily has three tribes and they include the Hutu, the Tutsi and the Twa – all unique in their ways prompting their safari visit while in Rwanda. The Tutsi were traditionally cattle keepers who reared the long horned cattle locally known as Inyambo with a lot of attachment to these cows. These people and cows can be seen in the areas of northern Rwanda while on safari in Rwanda. The Hutu were traditionally cultivators and are credited for farming the rolling hills of Rwanda in a productive and yet sustainable way. The farmed landscape of Rwanda gives you amazing scenic views en route to Gorilla tracking destination of Volcanoes of Chimpanzee trekking destination of Nyungwe forest national park. The Twa were traditionally forest people who depended on the forest for survival and they are also rewarding to encounter while on Rwanda safari.

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