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NileJinja is one of the popular Uganda safari tour destinations famous for a range of things but most of all being the Source of the Nile River. On Saturday July 23rd, the roads were connecting to Jinja for the Twegaite Source of the Nile run which had the intention of directing the proceeds to the building of the Cancer ward at Jinja Hospital.

The run was occurring for the second time following the Twegaite International Initiative a non profit Organization which originated in United States of America in the year 1998 with the intention of connecting friends and Children of Busoga in Uganda and Diaspora to facilitate the development of Busoga region including championing the causes that would increase Uganda tours in Busoga area.

The start point for the Marathon was at Source of the Nile Gardens and the end point was at the Jinja Rugby grounds. The participation was priced at 15000/= and the registration was at Igar Cafe Jinja along with Laftaz in Kampala and Jinja. It was such a fun filled day with the range of activities that included; Mountain climbing, camping and Mini zoo tour among other activities that enabled to showcase what Busoga has for the travelers on safaris and tours in Uganda.

The post race moments was also magical with activities like live entertainment, the exhibition of wildlife by the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, a range of children activities along with Jinja reunion party at the famous Jinja Sailing Club – one of popular relaxation points for those on Uganda safaris and tours.

Dr. Fred Bateganya the head of Twegaite International noted that the initiative has supported the cancer ward at Jinja Hospital for the last three (3) years and a range of improvements including securing of new linen and renovation have already been accomplished. The proceeds from the Saturday’s event will be directed to hospital van acquisition to make the transportation of hospital staff easier.