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uganda martyrs celebrationsUganda is known worldwide to have had great believers of the time that accepted to be executed at Namugongo on the orders of the then King of Buganda, Kabaka Mwanga accusing them of disobedience. This historical religious event has stuck in the hearts of world believers and has been transferred from generations to generations prompting them to undertake pilgrimage safaris to Uganda to have an encounter with the execution site and the situation that surrounded their deaths.
On 3rd June every year, Uganda hosts a wide range of people across the spectrum hailing from different parts of the world including Africa and other continents that undertake Uganda safari so as to participate in the annual pilgrimage at Namugongo. Most of the local pilgrims walk from the different parts of the country and believers from the neighboring countries tend to walk as well. However, others connect by other means like driving and flying.
The significance of Namugongo dates far back to 1885 and has continually gained popularity making it one of the most sought after site by travelers on Uganda safaris and tours. The structure of Basilica, the lake and the calm lush environment present a sense of touch and a moment of re-uniting with God.
The enthusiasm of the 45 converted Christians of which 23 were Anglicans while the 22 were Catholics has created a rich ground in the souls of many who in turn resort to paying a pilgrimage to the site as a way of paying homage to the young enthusiasts who were ready to die for their faith.
This religious occurrence have prompted two Popes to visit Uganda including the Pope Paul VI who paid a visit on 31st July 1969 and made a pilgrimage on 2nd August the same year while Pope Paul II visited the site in 1993. The reigning Pope Francis has already included a safari in Uganda on his travel itinerary in the year 2015.
The country has embarked on creating more avenues for exploring the Uganda Martyrs in detail. The Uganda Martyrs trail has been developed which takes the believers through the range of related sites right from Kigumba where the first white catholic missionaries set foot in Uganda up to Namugongo. The people surrounding the site have prepared their homes to accommodate home-stays and serve food. This is a sign of preparation for the upcoming Uganda Martyrs day.
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