The Uganda Tourism Board and Rwanda Tourism Board are the boards that work hard to make sure tourism progresses in those countries hence increasing Uganda safaris and Rwanda safaris. This is known as the “Coalition of the willing” and it is among different countries. The boards have therefore decided to come together so as to do everything as one hence boosting the tourism sector and making Uganda and Rwanda the top tourist destinations.

These boards have decided that countries in this coalition will always attend the events of the others so as to show support which will help take the tourism sector a step forward. These will helping others on how to increase the tourist sites and what to include in the sites which will attract tourists to safari Uganda and Rwanda.

The development of the tourism sectors in Rwanda and Uganda will help increase the foreign earnings of the countries through more safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. This will also improve the infrastructures of Uganda and Rwanda like the roads, hotels, lodges, hospitals and so many others. This will help provide better facilities to the tourists on theirs Uganda safari and Rwanda safaris hence making Uganda and Rwanda the best tourist destinations.

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