independenceIt is 9th October, a day when Uganda celebrates her independence from the colonial rule. It was the same date when Uganda was declared independent by the British colonialists in 1962 after a series of negotiations and struggles by Ugandans who had offered themselves to fight for the independence of their country. This is an all-round event that features not only the political aspects of the society but also the economic and socio-cultural aspects. The national celebrations are always held at Kololo grounds which attract many revelers including those undertaking safaris in Uganda.
Uganda is a country that is gifted by nature considering its rich natural wonders that range from scenery and wildlife not forgetting her most hospitable people that surpass the expectations of Uganda safari undertakers. The natural offerings like the endangered mountain gorillas, large populations of habituated Chimpanzees, snowcapped Rwenzori mountains, source of the World’s longest River Nile , powerful Murchison falls and the world’s largest mountain caldera on mount Elgon have generated a range of leisure activities including gorilla safaris in uganda, adventure tours among others.
Uganda at 52 years has seen a gradual transformation in all national aspects and the tourism industry in particular. Apparently, the tourism sector is the largest foreign exchange earner for Uganda topping remittances from abroad and coffee which had traditionally dominated the scene. This shows that there has been an increase in the quality and quantity of those who plan safaris to Uganda. With the current stability in the country both politically and socially, one can project that the tourism industry is still holding the mantle until the recent discovered oil riches are exploited. Government, private bodies and other players are working tirelessly to advance on the country’s infrastructure and facilities so as to ensure the satisfaction of those that undertake safari in Uganda.
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