marabou stork -uganda birding safarisUganda is not only known for wildlife safaris, gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee trekking safaris, adventure tours and cultural tours but also rewarding birding safaris. The country has a lot of birds in her range of protected areas including Queen Elizabeth National Park which is the number one in terms of bird count followed by Kidepo National Park. While other protected areas like Mabamba swamp are known for their counts of shoebill stork.
Uganda is apparently celebrating her birds in the week long activity that is powered by Uganda Wildlife Authority and Uganda Tourism Board and is aimed at exploring the birds of Uganda in detail. The President of Uganda Bird Guides Club Mr. Johnnie Kamugisha noted that birding will be a whole day encounter with stopping immediately before midnight. Uganda is honored to host the re-known international birders like Dominic Mitchell who is the managing editor of Europe’s leading monthly magazine for Keen birders – the Bird Watch, Tim Appleton, the organizer and co-founder of the British Birding Fair, the director of Ohio Ornithologist Society and the editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest – Bill Thompson. These famous birders will undertake safaris to Uganda boasting the event along with updating the information and pictures of their experience in Uganda.
The Birding encounter which commenced on November 26th at Kasenge Forest Resort in Mukono will run up to December 6th and is anticipated to raise awareness concerning birds, ascertain bird species in Uganda and in turn market Uganda as an ideal bird watching safari destination which would probably increase on the volume of Uganda safari tours.
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