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Uganda considered among the top 20 tourist destinations by the National Geographic-Uganda safari News

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water animalUganda tourism is so attracting and interesting that it has promoted more safari visits in Uganda. Immediately as you land in Uganda you are attracted by the green nature of Uganda and the tourist attractions in the National parks. The National parks in Uganda include Bwindi impenetrable, Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth, Kibale and many others. Here different activities are carried out which make tourists happy hence attracting more safaris to Uganda.

The different tourist activities in Uganda include bird seeing where there are different bird species, chimpanzees, different kinds of gorillas most like the rare mountain gorillas , monkeys, traditional dances, culture and many more attractions one needs to testify themselves. These have attracted many people to come for more tours in Uganda hence developing the Uganda tourism sector.

The tourism sector has provided employment opportunities to people hence helping them earn a living. It contributes to the revenue of Uganda through taxes, this helps to improve the infrastructure of Uganda like roads so as to provide better transport facilities and prevent dusty roads hence having more tours in Uganda. The revenue also helps to renovate the hotels and also build more so as to make sure clients stay safe and comfortable. This has helped promote more Uganda safaris since people get the best services.

 The tourism sector has a high contribution to the National income of Uganda. This therefore helps to promote the Economic growth of the country hence providing more jobs to people. The tourism board is therefore aiming at putting tourism to the next level hence promoting more Uganda visits.

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March 5th, 2014|Safari News|